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The Movement

The Meditation Movement is created to bring athletes together in an attempt to improve mental resilience through meditation. Our goal is to meditate (consistently) with a minimum of 100 athletes. The free virtual meditations will take place each Sunday (unless otherwise noted) for the entire year of 2023. All you have to do is register one time below and show up consistently.


The Benefits

There are a lot of benefits to meditating. With consistent practice, it can help an athlete build mental resilience, trains your mind to focus, increases your ability to remain calm under pressure, helps you stabilize your emotions, improve the mind-body connection, improve sleep patterns and helps to manage stress and anxiety.


The Schedule

Virtual meditations will be held via Zoom on Sundays at 7pm for 30 minutes (unless otherwise noted). The goal is to try to make each weekly zoom meditation to gain consistency, reap the benefits and begin meditating on your own.

The Meditation


Most times you need to prepare your space and yourself to meditate. Watch this video to learn how to prepare to get the most out of your meditation.

Athletes who



This meditation movement is free for athletes. All you have to do is show up virtually and meditate. In order to keep track of our 100 athletes meditation goal, you will need to register once, and attendance will be taken during the meditations for incentive tracking.

  • Start your week on a good note

  • Incentives for consistency

  • Win the mental game

  • Join the movement

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